Sunday, January 5, 2014

Some Answers Finally

Well, my blood work came back & I finally have some answers. In fact, it was so clear that I might even skip my treadmill test. My fatigue, inability to lose weight, headaches, palpitations, joint/muscle pain...all of it is because of one vitamin deficiency, B-12. Yep, I'm anemic. I always thought that was the case, but I figured it was iron. While my iron is technically low, it is nothing like my B-12, which is virtually non-existent. I'm also battling an infection somewhere, but we can't figure that one out. My guess is my sinuses, simply due to history and weather. But the B-12 has been such a revelation for me. Now that I have answers, I can make a game plan to respond. With just two mega doses in me, I already feel lke a different person. Scary to think one little thing can create such havoc in our bodies, especially when I take multi-vitamins. 

On a non-health related note, I am currently reading this book: 

Oh my goodness, talk about life-changing. The author uses humor to illustrate her points and help readers find their voices. The "come to Jesus" moments I have had already have been monumental in dealing with my own issues. (Face it, we ALL have issues.) Having always been an overachiever and unwilling to do what makes ME happy, this line really hit home: 

As a child, everything dear to me, including the love of others and my own survival, depended on me being good. Being good meant not talking about what was really happening.

How many of us who have struggled with our weight can relate to this one? We either starve ourselves to compensate and prove we're "good enough" or we stuff ourselves as comfort. Well, my writing is going to take the place of food from this day forward. Whether anyone reads it or it is just me, I plan on putting my issues on paper, not in my mouth. 

Man, just typing this blog feels good. 

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  1. I'm so glad you've gotten some answers! That's awesome! B12 makes a huge difference, doesn't it? It's one of the levels that are always checked on me...and one of the vitamins I'll be taking for life. so much better than any other "for life" meds that I would have to take otherwise!

    Oh...and keep writing...whether it's your "food" or your fun. I totally enjoy reading it!!! :)