Thursday, February 9, 2017

Is this thing on?

Holy cow, it's been awhile. Nearly 3 years since I've used this blog. In an effort to find harmony in my life, I am resurrecting this as a place to record my workouts and track my progress in all aspects of life.

So much has happened in 3 years that I don't even know where to start. Let's just say "Hormones have caused havoc on my body. 3 miscarriages have left me with 50+ pounds to lose." However, I am taking my power back. 

Today, I started TurboFire with Chalene Johnson. I always wanted to do it, but convinced myself that I couldn't. Guess what? I fumbled my way through the footwork. I gasped for air, but for 40 minutes, I did high intensity interval training. I plan on rotating this program with other Beachbody programs & my Kelly Coffey Meyer DVDs. It is no longer about a pant size or a weight. Let's be real: both can change daily. It is about me taking my power back and thinking clearly. I want to be able to walk without gasping for air. I want to be able to camp on the beach and not feel exhausted or sick. Critics can take a flying leap. They are no longer allowed in my headspace.

The journey is happening and it feels good. God is good, friends.

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