Monday, October 27, 2014

66 Days of my "One Thing"

Recently, I read "The One Thing" by Gary Keller. In the book, he states that it takes an average of 66 days to form a new habit. I thought that was interesting because I'd always heard 21 days. Apparently, some of us are slow learners when it comes to certain habits. He says that if you focus on the one thing you can do that will positively impact the rest of your work, life will be more productive. The problem? I have about 574863 "one things". (Have I mentioned that I get bored easily?) So what IS my true ONE thing that I need to focus on currently? Without a doubt, it's EXERCISE.

Being a former college athlete, I know I can do it. I just need to find my "athlete" again. I know that she will re-surface over time, but for now I just need to focus on moving. I loathe the gym lately, as I get sick every single time. So, I printed off my 66 day calendar  and busted out some old "Firm" videos to do at home. They are effective and I can do them without having to interact with anyone, which I like. For an hour each day, it's MY time.

Saturday, I did "Complete Aerobics and Weight Training". Man, I'd forgotten how tough this one is, but boy does it work. The time flies by, which is a good thing. I'm not counting the minutes. I don't have the old school "fanny lifter" (gotta love 90's terminology), so I just use my old step.

Yesterday, I went on a walk downtown with my husband. Anytime I can get him moving, it's a good thing. We went right at sunset and then stopped for some pizza, which was counter-productive, but that's ok. We went together and I was able to get pics of the gorgeous sunset. Sometimes, life is about little moments. It was better than sitting on the couch, watching football.

Today, I went back to the Firm. I did all three sections of Time Crunch Cardio. The first two were excellent. They combined cardio with weights. The last section was strictly a cardio workout. It was dance, which aggravated my knee since I'm on carpet. Plus, it was so repetitive and boring. I'm normally a fan of Allie's, but man...this one was like pulling teeth. I cut off the last few minutes simply because I was so bored. Moving forward, I'll just do the first two and then walk or something. Zzzzzz....

Have you ever tried the Firm? What's your favorite workout from them? 

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