Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Reflections & Realizations

After weeks of not working out and traveling, I stepped on the scale Monday to my highest weight ever. Granted a lot of it is indeed fluid, but still, it was a sign that I needed to get back to focusing on my health. After busting my head wide open and battling the concussion, I was lazy. I was lazy in not just my weight loss battle, but all aspects of my life. The doctor warned me that I might have some slight depression/mind fog from the concussion, but I just shrugged it off. Well, Monday it dawned on me that he was right and it was time to crack down on my mind crack.

Yesterday, I was getting ready to head to the gym and sign up with my new trainer. (Yeah I dropped the other one. We just weren't clicking and he was way too focused on the scale. Being a recovered anorexic, I just couldn't deal with that.) I was walking out the door, realizing I had a huge sense of dread and anxiety inside me, just waiting to bust out. In the past, I would have ignored those feelings and pressed on, continuing the cycle. However, this time, I thought to myself, "If you're making yourself get worked up over it, why do it?" So, I dropped my keys and broke out the DVDs. I realized that no matter what I do, I hate the gym. I just do. I hate the sweat from others. I hate the smells. I hate the crowds. I hate the stares. I hate the waiting. I just hate it all and it increases my anxiety, which is counterproductive. Enter my old friend, Kelly Coffey-Meyer.

Her workouts are 30 minutes, full of premixes to keep it fresh, and to the point, no nonsense. She isn't chatty, but she's real. Yesterday, I did the full body mix of Circuit Burn, which is killer. I did have to modify some of the jumps, but not as many as I expected. (Hello NSV!)

I woke up pretty sore today, so I went with her beginner DVD Start Here. It's meant for people getting back into working out or recovering from injuries. 


When I finished it, I felt so good that I did her 30 Minutes to Fitness Cardio Quick Fix. Best part? No foot pain. Why? I think I was actually focused on enjoying the workouts and just sweating, which is really kinda the point of exercise (at least to me). I also burned 500+ calories, according to my Polar Heartrate Monitor


I'm currently working on a KCM rotation. My goal is to workout 30-45 minutes at least 5 times per week. I plan to cancel my membership at the gym tomorrow and just focus on enjoying my workouts again. I realize it's not the "cool" thing to do, given that I have a kick ass trainer waiting on me. This time around though, I am doing what is best for ME. Walking & working out at home are what I need.

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