Monday, September 16, 2013

Random Ramblings

The weekend was a whirlwind for me. Saturday, I went to the Blake Shelton concert in Nashville with a friend. We were on the floor, right by the stage. I knew we were close when my butt was vibrating so badly that I felt like I should be charged $2.99/minute. The highlight for me was when Trace Adkins surprised us! I have always adored him since I interviewed him years ago. He is also an advocate for food allergies, which makes me love him even more. (The pics aren't great, but what can ya expect with an Iphone?)

After the show, I caught the red eye to NYC for the Manning Bowl III. I do have some kickass pics of this, but whenever I post them, I get tons of haters so I'm keeping them to myself. I'm tired of having to justify every little thing I do that involves the NFL.

After the quick trip, I was exhausted today, so I decided to make it a therapy day. By therapy, I mean cleaning and organizing. My friend Jamie told me over the weekend how much she loved her Shark steamer. I found one on sale this morning and decided to try it. My upstairs bathroom floor never, ever looks clean. Being married to a contractor, one would think it'd be easy to replace it, right? Nope. He's never home to work on our house. So, I figured, "Why not?" Oh my goodness! This thing made my floor SHINE! It also removed that sticky residue from hairspray, body sprays and such. I was skeptical so I took pics of the before and after. Not sure they do it justice, but it looked amazing after cleaning it. Two thumbs up from me! (Now, I've gotta go find something else to steam. Wonder if it works on veggies? What? I told you I was domestically challenged...)

Before (excuse the trim/caulk)

After (It shines now!)

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