Monday, July 15, 2013

Days 2-4

I survived my first weekend on this new plan. I spent Saturday stocking up on healthy fruits & veggies. I even managed to find some nut free protein bars! Talk about a modern day miracle... Sunday was a crazy busy day, thanks to my open houses and writing an offer afterwards. In the past, I'd have eaten breakfast, grabbed some M&Ms around 4 and then had pizza ordered to pickup on the way home. Now, knowing my trainer Eli can see my food journal on kept me from spiraling out of control. Instead, I had a protein bar and ended up w/a spinach salad for dinner. #NSV for sure.

Today was my first "official" workout with Eli. Neither of us was sure how my achilles would do, so he decided to do more assessing of my strength. We started with squat & press using 10 lb weight. 10 lbs?! What? I only use 5 at home and I'm exhausted. Nope, I did 10 lbs easily. So much so that on my second set, he increased it to 15. I struggled towards the end but I finished. It would be the 1st of surprises for me during the workout. 

I managed 2 sets of walking lunges, going the width of the gym and back. While walking lunges might be "no big deal" for most, my achilles felt like it was ripping all over again just 3 weeks ago when I tried. In fact, I even told Eli beforehand that I would have to do static lunges as a modification. I also managed to do two 45 second planks. My achilles has made these painful in the past. Yet, I managed it. With the remaining exercises, he upped my weights and said strength-wise, I was definitely NOT at beginner levels for women. I'll take that #NSV!

That being said, I have a new nemesis already: the captain's chair for standing knee raises. I have NO strength with it and I'm too short to get situated properly. If only it was as easy as this video shows. Until I figure out, my captain will be this guy:  

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