Monday, May 20, 2013

Sweet Silver Lining

After weeks of being MIA, I'm back and better than ever. Last month, I mentioned some health issues I was having (mainly exhaustion) and thought that sugar could be the culprit. While it did play into my issues, they turned out to be so much more. Turns out, I had another D&C last week. The recovery this time has taken much more out of me than previous times, but I am slowly feeling "normal" again. (Ok, I'll never be normal but you wouldn't want me to be. It's SO overrated.)

May is typically a sad month for me, due to my Daddy's passing. This May has been particularly tough, due to my surgery/health issues. Since I was feeling better this weekend, I was able to spend time with friends I'd not seen in awhile. Today consisted of birthday & preschool graduation parties. There is nothing to put life in perspective like seeing the innocence of children's faces. Spending the day with friends and family is exactly what the doctor ordered. My spirit is refreshed and my energy renewed, thanks to my awesome friends!

Tomorrow, I'll get back to updating with fitness/health/mojo posts. Today, I'll let Bradley Cooper speak for me:

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  1. It was good to see you! I know doctors orders are made for breaking. ;-) Just glad you're taking care of yourself!